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Introducing Poplar Riverside   Enjoy Waterside Living with an Urban Setting A brand new selection of studios, 1-2 bedroom apartments with a mesmerising view overlookin... Learn More

Kuala Lumpur

13th - 15th Aug 2021

13 Aug 2021
Despite the difficult times in the global economy during Covid-19, Portugal continues to be popular among investors from all around the globe, and for a good reason. Not on... Learn More
Let's Talk Property is our new webinar series where we invite different guests for casual discussions on places and properties. This time, we will be talking about Tokyo... Learn More

Kuala Lumpur

15th April 2021

15 Apr 2021
Boasting two universities, te... Learn More
25 Mar 2021
Did you know that most Germans prefer to rent than to buy a house? Renting is heavily embedded in German culture - so how can you tap into that to make the best financia... Learn More

Kuala Lumpur

18th March 2021

18 Mar 2021
Do you plan to buy a property in Japan? What is the property market situation there? What are future investment prospects? What city is a good alternative to investing in... Learn More