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25 Feb 2020

Real estate in the United Kingdom is highly favoured among Malaysian property investors, driven by stable rental income and as accommodation for their children pursuing their studies in the UK.

20 Feb 2020

More than three years after the landmark 'Brexit' vote, the United Kingdom officially left the European Union on Friday, January 31 with a favorable deal.

14 Feb 2020

Whitechapel in London's East End offers the best growth potential for residential property investment close to Crossrail stations.

13 Jan 2020

The greater certainty for the UK economy following the Conservatives’ resounding General Election win should lead to notable increases in house prices, transactions and housing starts across all regions of the UK.

28 Nov 2019

2.5 million additional people living in the UK’s urban areas by 2024, rising to 5 million over the next 15 years.

Interest rates and mortgage rates will remain low despite increasing, providing notable support for the housing market...

28 Nov 2019

Here are a few points highlighted in the report include: -

- Edinburgh is the second most popular tourist destination in the country, attracting on average more than 1.75 million overseas visitors over the last 3 years...

19 Nov 2019

EcoWorld London's mixed-use development is surrounded by nature with excellent transport connections

24 Oct 2019

Paddington has become a truly mixed use and diverse London destination. Office, retail, leisure and residential development have been interwoven around the canal system to create a vibrant, welcoming and exciting place to live, work and socialise...

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