Germany Property Webinar. Spotlight on Frankfurt

10th June 2020

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Join our webinar to listen to our latest update on German’s real estate market and interact with some of our industry specialists.

In this webinar we intend to discuss one of the most sustainable and resilient real estate markets in Europe with access to one of our latest investment opportunities in Frankfurt.



Crisis-proof and forward-thinking: Why Germany is one of the top performers in Europe – residential real estate market update Germany & Frankfurt - Serkan Göcmen, JLL

Welcome to the urban jungle: EDEN in Frankfurt - Future living in one of the highest vertical gardens in Europe - Serkan Göcmen, JLL & Muriel Sam, Immobel Luxembourg, Head of Development

How to finance real estate in Germany: insights from an expert - Osman Nyei, obn German Mortgage Advisory

How to buy real estate in Germany: the process explained - Volker Mauch, vpmk Attorneys

• Live Q & A

Event details: 
Kuala Lumpur
10 June, 5pm

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